Learn How News & Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS) Can Work With You to Maximize Outreach Efforts In Your Sponsored Projects

Sep 9, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I recently had the opportunity to discuss with Linda Forbes and Ricardo Vela the importance of including Spanish translation, adaptation, video, and editing services in your proposal budgets to effectively reach out to the Latino community.

if you have grant-funded outreach as part of your project that requires any of NOS services, please refer to the following information Ricardo has provided:

According to the Pew Research Institute, 47% of California's population is Latino, and 76% of them speak Spanish at home. Latinos are the largest non-English speaking ethnic group in the state. When seeking grants for your projects/research, keep NOS in mind, and request funds to reach out to the Latino community.

We at NOS can work with you to effectively reach out to the Latino community by:

  • Providing Translation/Adaptation services. We have been offering professional translation services for UCANR programs since 1983. We customize the adaptation/translation services to your target audiences, ensuring the message will successfully reach them.
  • Providing Video and editing services. NOS is here to work with you to create successful videos and social media campaigns customized to your target audiences. Voiceover and video services offered in both English and Spanish.

We are a recharge unit and our fees change every fiscal year. Our current fees are $65.30 per hour for translations and $71.85 for video shooting/editing services. Please contact Ricardo Vela, NOS Program Manager, for more information at rvela@ucanr.edu.

Thank you.

Kathleen P. Nolan, Director, Office of Contracts & Grants


By Kathleen P Nolan
Author - Director