ABA Judging Day

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This survey is closed for the 2018-2019 4-H Program Year!



Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging

Official 2018 Anything But Animals Placings and Reasons:  

  2018 ABA Official Judging Placings & Reasons

Anything but Animals (ABA) Judging Day is an educational event in which members attend judge different classes of projects (Scrapbooking, nutrition, rocketry, crafts, leather crafting, etc.), identify tools necessary for projects and give oral reasons as to how they placed the the class.

Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members judge separate classes based on age appropriateness. Primary members receive a participation ribbon. All regular members are placed from 1-15 in each age division.  

ABA Judging Training Materials


Glenn County 4-H Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging 101 Study Guide