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Livestock Challenge #2 & ABA Judging Day

NEW!! The committee has decided to replace the Livestock Judging Field Day with Livestock Challenge #2 & ABA Judging Day!


Livestock Challenge #2 & ABA Judging Registration Link:


This survey is closed for the 2017-2018 4-H year!


Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging

Official 2018 Anything But Animals Placings and Reasons:  

 2018 ABA Official Judging Placings & Reasons

Anything but Animals (ABA) Judging Day is an educational event in which members attend judge different classes of projects (Scrapbooking, nutrition, rocketry, crafts, leather crafting, etc.), identify tools necessary for projects and give oral reasons as to how they placed the the class.

Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members judge separate classes based on age appropriateness. Primary members receive a participation ribbon. All regular members are placed from 1-15 in each age division.

Remember, in order to exhibit a project in the fair you must attend either Food Fiesta, Creative Arts & Skills Day, ABA Judging Day or Fashion Revue.




ABA Judging Training Materials


Glenn County 4-H Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging 101 Study Guide

Livestock Challenge #2


4-H Animals

WHEN?          Saturday, February 24, 2018. Please arrive at 8:00 a.m. for check-in. Groups will be led to their appropriate species by a rotation. Rotation #1 will begin at 8:30 a.m. Additional rotations will follow in each species, as needed. Species are as follows:

Sheep, Swine, Goats, Horse, Dairy, Beef, Dairy Goats, Rabbits, Cavy, Avian, and Dog. 

PRIMARY ONLY (Avian, Dog, Rabbit, Cavy, & Pygmy Goat)

WHO?            Any 4-H member. Remember, one of the Livestock Challenges is a requirement in order to exhibit an animal at the Glenn County Fair. If you cannot attend, contact your key leader for make-up possibilities. (You can choose to participate in both Livestock Challenges. However, both are not required.)

HOW?             Online registration at:

Registration deadline is Monday, February 12, 2018. Participants may register for one specie. Only 4-H youth participants will be allowed in contest area. 

WHAT IS IT? The Livestock Challenge is an opportunity for members to demonstrate their livestock knowledge. Members will rotate through different stations and answer questions related to the species selected.

            *         Questions are taken from the Livestock Challenge & Livestock Judging study guides. Additionally, members should be familiar with feeds & feed tags, parts of the animal, showmanship and conformation. You may explore and study additional resources too! Additional resources are available below.

            *         Any 4-H member can enter, Junior Division thru Senior Division (by December 31, 2017). Primary members can participate in the PRIMARY AREA in either the Rabbit, Pygmy Goat, Dog, Cavy or Avian categories.    

AWARDS?     Award for the top score in each division in each species!


Glenn County 4-H Livestock Challenge #2 Information 2018

2018 Livestock Challenge (7)


Livestock Challenge #2 Training Materials


Glenn County 4-H Livestock Judging Booklet

Livestock Judging Study Booklet

Glenn County 4-H Livestock Challenge Study Guides

Avian Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Beef Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Cavy Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Dairy Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Dog Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Goat Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Horse Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Rabbit Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Sheep Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Swine Livestock Challenge Study Guide

Additional Study Resources

Livestock Skill-a-Thon Sample Questions

Goat Quiz Bowl Questions

Poultry Quiz Bowl Questions

Sheep Quiz Bowl Manual

Swine Quiz Bowl Questions

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