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National 4-H Week

Club Window Displays


National 4-H Week
This is a great opportunity to show off what 4-H is all about. Clubs are asked to participate by creating a window display. Club window displays will be judged based on subject, public appeal, attractiveness and quality. Prizes are awarded to the winning clubs:

1st place - $50.00

2nd place - $40.00

3rd place - $30.00

4th place - $20.00

5th place - $10.00


 For the judging criteria, please refer to:

Window Display Criteria 2018


2017 Window Display Results Press Release_001

2017 Window Display Results Press Release_002

Other ways to celebrate National 4-H Week are by having a club ice-cream social, 4-H scavenger hunt, potluck dinner and activity or hand out 4-H balloons at your local schools.


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