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County Presentation Day



Presentation Day

Friday, January 24, 2020

Willows Intermediate School, 1145 W. Cedar Street, Willows, CA 


Tentative Event Schedule

5:00 p.m.  Event Committee Set-up

5:30 p.m.  Dinner for Evaluators and Room Coordinators (Complimentary Pizza and Salad Provided for Volunteers)

5:45 p.m.  Orientation for Evaluators and Room Coordinators

6:15 p.m.  Youth Presenters to Arrive

6:30 p.m.  Presentations to Begin

T.B.D.        Presentation of Awards (Attendance Optional)


What is a 4-H Presentation?

A presentation is a method used to communicate an idea by showing and/or telling. It can be a demonstration or a talk that uses posters and other visual aids. A

4-H Presentation helps you learn to:

  • Research a subject
  • Organize ideas in a logical order
  • Be a teacher and practice public speaking skills


2016 Presentation Matrix

Who can give a Presentation?

All 4-H'ers are encouraged to prepare a presentation to share their knowledge, enhance their public speaking skills and compete for awards.

How to Prepare for a Presentation?

A presentation may be a demonstration, illustrated talk, science or engineering presentation, educational display talk, impromptu speech, informative or persuasive prepared speech, interpretive reading, share the 4-H fun skits, and cultural arts.

When selecting a topic be sure you are familiar with the topic or have an interest in the topic. It is important to start to prepare your presentation and practice weeks in advance.

For more details and evaluators rubrics refer to the Presentation Manual Version Oct. 2016 .

Be sure to complete the survey as detailed and accurate as possible by the registration deadline. Expect to see registration available in December.

What Awards are Given?

At the event, you will compete with other 4-H members by age divisions for awards.

Awards available include gold medal, blue medal, or a red or white certificate.

Primary members (5-8 years old) will not be evaluated, and all will receive participation awards.

  • Carell Kolousek Memorial Award

The "highest" scoring presenter will have their name engraved on the Carell Kolousek Memorial plaque.

  • A. W. Bramwell Memorial Trophy

The A. W. Bramwell Memorial Trophy is engraved with the name of the best beginner presenter. This special award is for 4th and 5th graders giving a evaluated demonstration at the county level for the first time. Former primary members who have given previous presentations are eligible.

  • Perpetual 4-H Club Demonstration Trophy

The 4-H Club with the highest presentation points will have their name added to the Perpetual 4-H Club Demonstration Trophy. Clubs will earn points as follows:

The % of club members who give presentations

Plus 5 points for each gold medalist

Plus 3 points for each blue medalist

Plus 2 points for each older member evaluating or emceeing the event

Plus 2 points for each primary member participating

What if I cannot make the County Presentation Day?

For the 2019-2020 4-H Program year, members can give a presentation at a Club meeting, Project meeting, Council meeting, County level event, or County Presentation Day.

OR be an evaluator or be a Room Coordinator at County/Sectional Presentation Day. To qualify as an evaluator, member must have given one gold presentation in the past and must be a Senior Member. To be a room coordinator, member must have given one gold presentation in the past and must be 13 years or older as of December 31, 2019.

Presentation Options

  1. Participate in the Tehama County Presentation Day. (pre-registration required)
  2. Present at Club meeting or Project meeting. (With permission of appropriate leader)
  3. Present at a county level event other than County Presentation Day.
  4. Participate in the County Interview Contest event.


  1. All information below must be completed including appropriate signatures.
  2. Return this application to the UCCE Office by Monday, May 4, 2020 for approval.

Presentation Form 2019-2020 Please complete this form if giving your presentation at any event other than County 4-H Presentation Day.








Evaluators & Room Coordinators

Glenn County 4-H Presentation Day Evaluator Invite Letter 2020

Glenn County 4-H Presentation Day Room Coordinator Invite Letter 2019

Evaluators Instructions & Orientation


5 Presentation Award Guidelines & Application

The Five Presentation Award is a medal given to a 4-H member who has presented their 4-H presentation five or more times during the program year.

How can I earn this award?

1. Give a presentation at least five (5) times during the program year with an audience of at least eight people. Some examples of locations to present your demonstration are at club meetings, project meetings, county presentation day, sectional presentation day, service clubs, school classrooms, senior citizens groups, etc.

2. You MUST have a signature from each group verifying your presentation was given with the total number of people in the audience.

3. Presentations given to neighbors, relatives, or friends DO NOT count.
4. All application forms will be checked to insure that your presentation was given five (5) times and met all requirements. You must give your presentation at the County Presentation Day to qualify for the 5 Presentation Award.

Five Presentation Award Application 2019-2020 Your application form is to be turned in by Monday, July 6, 2020 to the UCCE Office.