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New Youth Member


New Youth Member

Welcome to 4-H! Please take a moment to review the 4-H Membership Policy. To enroll in Glenn County 4-H, please follow the steps listed below.


Steps to Enroll a New 4-H Youth


Step 1: Enroll in 4hOnline or complete a paper enrollment packet






  • When you are ready to enroll in 4hOnline, you will create a new family profile.

  • Once your family profile is created, you may begin adding new youth member profiles to your family profile.

  • For each youth profile you will complete the Profile Information, Authorizations, Health Form and the Participation sections of the enrollment.

  • Each youth member will be required to enroll in at least one 4-H club and one project assigned to his or her profile in the Participation section. Some clubs have specific age and project requirements. Therefore, you should contact the UCCE Office to see what clubs are available or contact the club's Key Leader for your youth before making a project selection.

  • If you are having trouble with 4hOnline, please contact the UCCE Office at (530) 865-1107 or email glenncounty4h@ucanr.edu.
  • If you need a paper enrollment packet (i.e. you have no Internet access) please download the following forms and submit completed forms to the Glenn County UCCE Office.

Enrollment Forms

4-H Youth Member Paper Enrollment Form Packet 2019-2020








Step 2: Pay the member enrollment fee to the UCCE Office

  • Turn in your $65 enrollment fee to the UCCE Office (by check or cash or via credit card on our website) before your enrollment is reviewed and made active for the new year!


You may not begin participating in 4-H activities until both steps have been completed.

You may access your 4hOnline profile at any time of the year to change what projects you are enrolled in, update your health information, etc.

If you have any questions about enrolling a new youth member, please contact the Glenn County UCCE Office at 865-1107.