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Record Book Resources

Types of Record Books

  • Handwritten/typed forms
  • Online Record Book (ORB)

Enrolled 4-H members and adult volunteer leaders may access the Online Record Book. The system uses 4hOnline enrollment data to pre-fill in club and project information. The system will export the forms needed for submitting a hard copy Record Book at the end of the year.

Begin your Online Record Book Now!

For additional information regarding the Online Record Book see the Online Record Book Guide


Getting Started

Helpful Hints


 Visit the State 4-H website for more helpful hints on the the Record Book at:

Examples of State Record Books 

State Record Book Example #1 - Ashley

State Record Book Example #2 - Gabriel

State Record Book Example #3 - Kyle

State Record Book Example #4 - Sarah

2016 Intent to Submit Record Book to State Competition Form


Primary Member Record Books (Ages 5-8 by December 31)



Primary Members are not eligible for competition. All primary members who submit a record book at the county level receive a rosette ribbon.

Primary work is not carried over to the Personal Development Report when the 4-Her becomes a regular member. 



Regular Member Record Books (Ages 9-19 by December 31)


2015-2016 Record Book Forms Complete Packet

Cover Page:

Individual Forms:

Senior Member Forms:

Junior or Teen Leader Forms:

 **The Advance Livestock Report will no longer be a form for the record book**

Adults may assist by guiding, explaining, helping to compile information and proofreading. Please be sure it is the 4-H member's work.

See the Glenn County Evaluation Form to know what to do to receive a perfect score! 


2015-2016 4-H County Record Book PDR Tip Sheet



Record Books are Due to your  Club's Key Leader(s) NO Later than June 30.


It is the 4-H member's responsibility to get all appropriate signatures. Be sure to get the following forms signed:

  • Personal Development Report
  • Annual Project Report
  • Junior Teen Leadership Report or the Alternate Leadership Report

If you would like your Record Book to advance to the county judging be sure to check the box on the back of the Glenn County 4-H Member Record Book Information Sheet 2016.


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