Home Economics Award


4-H Home Economics Award


The Glenn County 4-H Council annually sponsors trophies and medals for outstanding participants in the following projects:

Arts & Crafts - Baking & Bread Making - Cake & Cupcake Decorating - Clothing & Textiles - Food & Nutrition - Flower Arranging - Graphic Arts - Jr. Master Gardener - Leathercraft - Ornamental Horticulture - Photography - Quilting - Scrapbooking - Woodworking

Glenn County 4-H Home Economics Award Booklet 2019


You may apply for an award in more than one project area as long as you have enrolled and participated in that 4-H project through the program year. You must meet the "ABA requirements to exhibit at fair" to be eligible.


Points are earned for participation in county 4-H events and for exhibiting at the County Fair.  Primary members (ages 5 -8) must have participated in 3 of the 4 events and displayed at least 1 item at the Glenn County Fair in each project area that they are entering.



Point System

Ten points are earned for participation (i.e., exhibiting, judging, emceeing, creating judging classes, etc.) in each county level. These events are Fashion Revue, Food Fiesta, Creative Arts & Skills Day, ABA Judging Day and County Presentation Day.

At each event, regardless of the number of entries or exhibits, 10 points are the maximum total which may be earned.  Those 10 points are counted toward each project entered if it relates to project.

Points are also earned for participation in the Glenn County Fair, with each entry receiving 5 points (for a maximum of 4 entries).  Extra points are earned for the placing of fair exhibits.  First place ribbons are awarded 10 points; 2nd place ribbons earn 7 points; and 3rd place ribbons earn 3 points.  A "Best of Division" or "Best of Show" designation receives an additional 5 points.


1st place

Of those earning 75 points or more in a project, the top 10% are eligible to receive a special medal.

The top scoring person with 75 pts. or more in each project in Senior, Intermediate and Junior Divisions receives a trophy. 

Those Primary Division members who meet the requirements will receive a rosette ribbon.

Awards are presented at the Star Awards & Leaders' Appreciation Dinner in the Fall.



Glenn County 4-H Primary Home Economics Award Application 2019

Glenn County 4-H Home Economics Jr-Int-Sr Award Application 2019

The Home Economics Application is due to the UCCE Office by Monday, July 1, 2019.