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I was born and grew up in Italy. My grandfather was an agronomist and I spent almost all my summers helping him at “Pian del noce” (Walnut Flat), his farm in southern Tuscany where he grew grapes, olives, walnuts, and vegetables.

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I studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florence, Italy and in 2010 I pursued a Master of Science Degree in Agriculture working at the department of plant pathology studying organic control of yellow leaf spot disease on vegetables. The same year, I moved to Australia where I worked for Agrisearch Services a contract research company. In the following four years, working from different location across Australia,    I managed many field trials in a wide range of crops, ranging from cotton to sugarcane, but also almond and row crops.

In 2014, I moved to UC Davis to pursue a Ph.D. Degree in horticulture and agronomy, working under the supervision of Dr Brad Hanson (UCCE Weed Science Specialist) and Dr Kassim Al-khatib (Professor and UCCE Specialist). My Ph.D. project focus on rice herbicide drift on walnuts in the Sacramento Valley. I will be done with my doctorate by the end of this year.

I started in June as the new agronomy/weed science farm advisor for Glenn, Butte and Tehama counties, based at the UCCE Glenn office in Orland. I am working in small grains, corn, sunflower, cotton, alfalfa and dry beans. In addition, as a weed science advisor, I am also looking forward to working with horticultural and orchard crops.  I can be reached by phone (530-865-1105) or email

 For rice information, follow this link:

Agronomic Crops in Glenn County

Linked information is from the USDA Census of Agriculture from 2007. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a PDF viewer to access this information.


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Glenn County Ag Census

Sacramento Valley Agronomy Notes

Updates and News About Field Crops In The Northern California Area.

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Weed Management Notes

Keeping growers informed and up-to-date on Agronomy & Weed Science issues and University Research.

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SacValley Field Crop Blog

  • Broomrape in Field Crops

    Added June 15, 2018

    Guest authors Tunyalee Martin, with the UC IPM Program, and Gene Miyao, farm advisor, describe a parasitic plant that has been found in some parts of Yolo County and the Delta. Growers of all annual crops should be on the lookout...

  • Strategies to Avoid and Manage Soil Compaction

    Added June 11, 2018
    Bean field with soil compaction

    Soil compaction is often a problem in field crop production and occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing available pore space for air and water. About half the soil volume is composed of particles, the other half is soil pores. At field...

  • Abiotic disorders to watch for in hybrid sunflower seed production

    Added June 11, 2018
    Sunburn damage to sunflower

    Last year, we saw a number of disorders in sunflower that were mainly related to a heat stress by parental line interaction. Despite extensive testing by the USDA and UC ANR for pathogens in many affected sunflower plants, no causal agents were...

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