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The University of California's 64 Cooperative Extension (UCCE) offices are local problem-solving centers. More than 400 campus-based specialists and county-based farm, home, and youth advisors work as teams to bring the University's research-based information to Californians. UCCE is a full partnership of federal, state, county, and private resources linked in applied research and educational outreach. UCCE tailors its programs to meet local needs. UCCE's many teaching tools include meetings, conferences, workshops, demonstrations, field days, video programs, newsletters and manuals. Thousands of volunteers extend UCCE's outreach, assisting with the California 4-H Youth Development Program and Master Gardener Program.

The University of California Extension was first introduced to Glenn County in 1915.  However, the Agricultural Extension and Home Economics office was voted out of the county in 1927, only to be reinstated by voters in a November 1948 General Election. UCCE Glenn County provides programs tailored to meet the needs of county residents.  Extension services include exceptional 4-H and Master Gardener programs, as well as expert advice for farmers and growers.


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2018 National Youth Summit on Agri-Science “opened eyes” of CA teens to how agricultural science applies to their daily lives
Youth today are confused about where their food comes from. Children have been quoted as saying cheese comes from plants and pasta from animals (Newsweek, 2017). This confusion is no surprise, as only two percent of Americans live on farms today, disconnected with food and agricultural production. Further, most of the youth today are not aware of the science of food, agriculture, and production, or the need for young people to consider careers in these fields. Creative minds are needed so that we can address the looming worldwide food shortages in the future.

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