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2023-2024 Glenn County 4-H Council Officers

The officers of the Glenn County 4-H Council shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer(s), Reporter/Historian and such others, as the 4-H Council deems necessary. These officers will make up the Executive Committee.

Senior members who are at least 14 years old at the time of appointment may serve as officers, except that of Treasurer. Youth may hold the position of Youth Treasurer and will work in partnership with an adult volunteer Treasurer.

At least 50% of officer positions must be filled by senior youth members. Youth officer roles must have unique responsibilities and may not be classified as a “member at-large”. Options for youth officer positions may include co-officer positions, such as Co-President (one youth, one adult volunteer), etc.

Officers must be from at least three different 4-H Units. They are not “representatives” of their unit in these roles, rather this provided opportunity for diversity of thought.

Duties of each officer are outlined in a written role description (listed below) which are signed by the officer at the beginning of each term.

Role descriptions are reviewed every two years and must align with state role description tems.plate




Glenn County 4-H Council President Role Description


Vice President 


Glenn County 4-H Council Vice President Role Description




Glenn County 4-H Council Treasurer Role Description




Glenn County 4-H Council Secretary Role Description