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ABA Extravaganza

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ABA Extravaganza


This is an event for showmanship and communication for all ABA (Anything But Animals) members. Any member, including primary, can participate in four different events during the Extravaganza. This event does not include livestock animals however, the skills learned in all 4-H projects are universal. Each event is described below.

2021 ABA Extravaganza Information Page coming soon!

Glenn County 4-H ABA Extravaganza Information Sheet 2021_001
Glenn County 4-H ABA Extravaganza Information Sheet 2021







Food Fiesta

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Members can choose a recipe to prepare and present to a panel of evaluators. You can choose to create a Main Dish or Dessert. The member then, will set up their area within their chosen theme that highlights their dish.


Creative Arts & Skills

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 Members can submit projects or skills completed from this year's 4-H ABA project meetings. It is also a way to teach others about skills you've learned by making a display board about projects such as: archery, sewing, or any other ABA projects. 


ABA Judging

Judging is a process to help 4-H members grow in the abilities to think, reason and make logical and scientific judgments. The member would then present their reasons to an evaluator.

Glenn County 4-H Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging 101 Study Guide

Oral Reasons Evaluation Rubric


Members will be allowed to choose one of three presentation types to add to their entry. The choices are: Demonstration/Illustrated Talk, Educational Talk Display and Informative Prepared Speech. 

Demonstration & Illustrated Talk Presentation Information/Instructions

Educational Display Talk Presentation Information/Instructions

Informative Prepared Speech Presentation Information/Instructions

Interview Contest

The Interview Contest is a popular event that gives 4-H members an opportunity to practice real-life skills needed to apply for a job. Members choose from a set of job descriptions to build a resume and go through a job interview. 

California 4-H Interview Contest Manual - for Glenn County Contest 2021

State Interview Contest 2021 Job Descriptions