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ABA Extravaganza

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E. Yolo Street, Orland in the Wool Building


Tentative Schedule

10:30 – 11:00 a.m.      Participant set-up and Evaluator / Monitor Orientation.

11:00 a.m.                   Event begins

T.B.D                           Presentation of Awards


This is an event for showmanship and communication! Any member, including primary, who likes to have their talents, critical thinking skills, and verbal communication challenged. This event does not include livestock animals however, the skills learned in all 4-H projects are universal. Entries can be individual or a two-member team display.

This event meets the requirements outlined in the Glenn County 4-H Fair Exhibition Requirements for ABA Exhibitors.

2023 Glenn County 4-H ABA Extravaganza Information


Food Fiesta Category

Traditional Table Display Food Entry Image

Members can choose a recipe to prepare and present to a panel of evaluators.  The two categories are Traditional Table Display Food Entry or Local Commodity Food Entry: Rice, Almonds, Beef, Walnuts, Olives, Dairy, Oranges or Honey. You can choose to create a Main Dish, Side Dish or Dessert. The member then, will set up their area within their chosen theme that highlights their dish.


Creative Arts & Skills Category

Display Board Entry Image

Members can submit projects or skills completed from 4-H ABA projects during the current 2022-2023 program year. It is also a way to teach others about skills you have learned by making a display board or giving a demonstration about your ABA projects such as: archery, dummy roping, sewing, or any other projects that are anything but animals.



ABA Judging

Members will judge a variety of 4-H ABA topics within their age division. Judging is a process to help 4-H members grow in the abilities to think, reason, and make logical and scientific judgments. The member would then present their reasons to an evaluator.

Glenn County 4-H Anything But Animals (ABA) Judging 101 Study Guide

Oral Reasons Evaluation Rubric



Interview Contest

Members choose from a set of job descriptions to build a cover letter, resume, and present themselves in a job interview.

California 4-H Interview Contest Manual

For more information on the scoring, see the 4-H Interview Evaluation Rubric.

4-H Interview Evaluation Rubric

If you plan to advance to the 2023 State 4-H Interview Contest visit: 2023 State 4-H Interview Contest Job Descriptions


4-H Presentation Opportunity

Members can give their 4-H Presentation and are allowed to choose one of three presentation formats; Illustrated Talk, Educational Talk Display, or Informative Prepared Speech.


General Rules

  • Only participants, committee members and evaluators are allowed in the set-up area until after evaluating is completed.  
  • Members may choose to dress in a uniform, dress nicely or dress to the theme of their entry (Food Fiesta). California 4-H Dress Guidelines apply for this contest. These guidelines can be found at: http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Member_Resources/Uniform/.
  • Be punctual! If you are 10 minutes late to the event for participant set-up, 10 points will be deducted from your score.
  • All entries are evaluated and scored on age-appropriate levels. Evaluated items should be made at the skill level of the member.
  • Each entry is allowed a 24” space on a table surface to display their item.
  • See each category for specific entry rules.    


  • Judged at ABA Judging: PDR Category #2 (Project Skills Activities)
  • Exhibited at Food Fiesta Category and/or Creative Arts and Skills Category: PDR Category #2 (Project Skills Activities)
  • ABA Extravaganza: PDR Category #3 (Event(s) Attended)
  • Interview given at Interview Contest: PDR Category #6 (Communication Skills)
  • Evaluators’ Interview during Food Fiesta or Creative Arts and Skills Event: PDR Category #6 (Communication Skills)
  • Gave Oral Reasons in ABA Judging: PDR Category #6 (Communication Skills)
  • Event Committee Members: PDR Category #4 (Leadership Development) *Please be sure to check all Leadership Development qualifications.
  • 4-H Presentation at ABA Extravaganza: PDR Category #6 (4-H Presentations-Communication Skills)

NOTE: If you did something at that event that meets the requirements in another area(s), you can record that as well, but that activity can only be counted in one category.



  • Serve on the Planning Committee: “Leadership Activity- Serve on a 4-H committee at any level.”
  • Participate in ABA Judging: “Project Learning Activity- Participate in a 4-H Judging contest or junior judging contest at any level.”
  • Participate in 4-H Presentation, Creative Arts & Skills Category, or Food Fiesta Category: “Project Learning Activity- Participate in a 4-H Event or activity that demonstrates your project knowledge to an audience, judge or evaluator.”
  • Creative Arts & Skills Category Entry: “Project Learning Activity-Create a flyer, poster, video, or slideshow for a project skill that teaches the reader something you learned in a project.”
  • Creative Arts & Skills Category or Food Fiesta Category Entry: “Project Learning Activity: “Give a talk at any level about something you learned in your 4-H Project(s).”
  • 4-H Presentation: “Communication Activity- Give a 4-H Presentation that follows the 4-H Presentation Manual.”

NOTE: If you did something at that event that meets the requirements in another area(s), you can record that as well, but that activity can only be counted in one category.