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Livestock and Natural Resources Links

The following links provide information in the areas of Livestock and Natural Resources.  If you would like more information on a particular subject contact Josh Davy at (530) 527-3101.

 University of California publications list - Peer reviewed publications/bulletins on agriculture and natural resources

UC Cost Studies website - Current cost and return studies on most agriculture commodities

Livestock, Poultry, Fish

Mineral Supplementation for Beef Cattle in California - Provides information on the major minerals known to be deficient in beef cattle herds in California

UC Animal Identification website - Covers multiple topics related to animal identification technologies and the National Animal Identification System

UC Vet Views - A host of articles written by Extension Veterinarian Dr. John Maas related to beef cattle health and management practices

California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System - Provider of animal health prevention and diagnostics at UC Davis

 UC Animal Biotechnolgy website - Up to date information on DNA technologies and their implementation by UC Specialist Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam

UC Poultry page - Information and fact sheets on egg and meat poultry production

UC Fish website - Information and links about California's freshwater and anadromous fish, current aquatic management issues, and research

Bovine Myology & Muscle Profiling - This website  provides a 3-D resource for learning muscular anatomy of beef cattle as it pertains to specific cuts of beef

Range and Rangeland Management

The University of California Rangelands website - Provides a wide array of information on range and rangeland management

Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program - The IHRMP provides information on identification, management, and research on oaks and hardwood rangelands

California Soils Resources Lab - Find your soil type and the associated descriptions


UC Alfalfa and Forages website - Production and practice guidelines for alfalfa

UC Small Grains website - Information on varieties and cultivars, pest control, and management.

Forage Information System - Oregon State's guide to forage species and their descriptions

California Hay Report - Current hay prices reported by USDA AMS

Weed Identification and Pest Control

UC Integrated Pest Management - UC IPM provides identification and control techniques for turf and most agricultural commodities (weeds and animal pests)

Cal Photos - Provides photos of plants by either their common or scientific name

UC Weed Research and Information Center - Information on common weeds and their control

California Department of Pesticide Regulation - Need to find out if a herbicide/pesticide is labeled for your particular use?  This website should be of help in determining current product registrations in California

CDMS - Look up herbicide labels by brand name