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News Releases - Agriculture

News releases written by Glenn County Cooperative Extension staff pertinent to agriculture in the area.

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Managing Weeds in Grasslands and Rangelands in the Context of Fire in California

The latest information on weed control and fire will be presented at the Managing Weeds in Grasslands and Rangelands in the Context of Fire in California webinar on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. The lineup of UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and UC Davis experts will discuss how fire interacts with plant communities in rangeland ecosystems, how grassland management influences fire severity and how management practices impact post-fire vegetation recovery.

The webinar begins at 9 AM and ends at 12 PM (PST). Continuing education credit pending approval from DPR and CCA.

The cost is $20. Registration is underway now—click HERE or visit https://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=32335.


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PDF 11/4/20
Master Gardeners Offer New Plant Clinic in Willows PDF 2/24/16
Master Gardener Training Course Set PDF 10/31/15
Drought Workshops Offered PDF 7/13/15
Water Use Rules for Glenn County Residents PDF 6/25/15
Grafting and Budding Workshop Planned PDF 3/4/15
Almond Institute and Walnut Day PDF 1/22/15
Local Food and Ag Resource Fair to be held January 12 PDF 1/9/15
Master Gardener Fall Workshop Scheduled

Master Gardener Fall Workshop Scheduled at Country Pumpkins in Orland on October 12.

PDF 9/18/14
Quickbooks® in Agriculture - June 19

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Is it the Right Small Business Accounting Software for Your Operation? Join us for an Introductory Interactive Overview of QuickBooks® Use for Agricultural Enterprises with Plenty of Time for Questions and Answers



PDF 6/4/14
Sacramento Valley Olive Day - April 29 PDF 4/22/14
Glenn Master Gardener "Spring Expo" 2014 PDF 3/24/14
Budding and Grafting Workshop PDF 3/13/13
Pruning Workshop Saturday, Jan. 12 PDF 1/7/13
Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop Offered PDF 12/6/12
Master Gardener Course Enrolling Now

Informational Meeting set for August 16th.

PDF 8/6/12
Bill Krueger Retirement Celebration

Everyone is invited!  Please make your reservations by August 10.

PDF 8/6/12
New Master Gardener Class Offered

Informational Orientation Scheduled for August 16th in Orland

PDF 7/9/12
Agritourism Class Offered

Are you considering agritourism on your ranch or farm? Are you expanding your agritourism business? This class is for you!

PDF 11/21/11
Master Gardeners Offer Greenhouse Workshop PDF 11/2/11
Master Gardener Course Deadline Extended PDF 10/6/11
Home Olive Curing Workshop

A Home Olive Curing Workshop will be held from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. at Historic Mills

Orchard near Hamilton City on October 1, 2011.

A registration fee of $20 covers take-home literature and olive tasting. Registration is

being accepted online at http://ucanr.org/olive2011 or by calling (530) 865-1107.


PDF 9/14/11
Olive Pest Management Meeting - June 24 PDF 6/20/11
Olive Day 2011

Olive Day - April 12

PDF 4/7/11
Pruning The Home Orchard Workshop

Space is limited, so reserve your spot!

PDF 12/14/10
Interested in Becoming a Glenn County Master Gardener? Informational Meeting set for August 25, 2010 PDF  
Home Orchard Pruning Workshop January 16, 2010 PDF  
Master Gardener Program in Glenn County Master Gardener Program PDF  
Home Olive Curing September 26 Home Olive Curing Workshop PDF  
Need Money? Scholarship Workshop Scholarship Workshop for High School Juniors and Seniors PDF  
Home Olive Curing Home Olive Curing Workshop PDF  
Fall Workshop Schedule Announced Home Olive Curing Workshop Need Money? Scholarship Workshop Pruning Your Evergreen Trees and Shrubs and Holiday Wreath-Making Pruning and Pest Management for The Home Orchard PDF  
Olive Meeting Improving Productivity Through Better Business Planning PDF  
Olive Day 2009 Reminder PDF  
Citrus Meeting Update Citrus Meeting Update PDF  
May Extension Activities Update PDF  
Glenn Colusa Wool Grower Field Day Annual Field Day and Education Event PDF  
Olive Day 2008 Sacramento Valley Olive Day 2008 PDF  
CDQAP Workshop Dairy Workshop Scheduled PDF  
October 2007 New Olive Curing Publication Available PDF  
Market Glenn Market Glenn Celebrates One Year of Service PDF  
Olive Fly Workshop Olive Fly Workshop - May 22, 2007 PDF  
2007 Sacramento Valley Olive Day Information about the Sacramento Valley Olive Day Held Monday, April 16, 2007, at the Memorial Hall, Orland. PDF  
North Valley Dairy Day, March 27th, 2007 PDF  
Lye Availability for Home Olive Processors Update on where lye can be found for home olive processors. PDF  
2006 Citrus Grower Seminar PDF  
Temple Grandin Meeting PDF  
Walnut Day & Almond Institute 2006 PDF  
North Valley Dairy Day Jan. 2006 PDF  
Almond Pruning Demonstration PDF  
DHIA Schedules Annual Banquet DHIA Annual Banquet Release PDF  
February 2005 Preparing For An Outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease - How You Can Help Extension Notes - Barbara Reed PDF  
Holiday Office Hours PDF  
13th No. Valley Dairy Day PDF  
Draft Rules on Dairy Permits To Be Released Meeting to Discuss Rules will be held on October 20th in Orland PDF  
Backyard and Roadside Olive Trees Pose Risk to Local Olive Industry (Revised) PDF  
New Office Hours - August 2004 PDF  
Manure Management & West Nile Virus AUGUST 2004 PDF  
Olive Fruit Fly - August 2004 Backyard & Roadside Olive Trees Pose Risk PDF  
Game Bird Meetings PDF  
2004 April - Sacramento Valley Olive Day PDF  
2004 March - Risk Management Workshop - Doug Munier PDF  
2004 March - Free UCCE Pest Notes for Home and Garden - Doug Munier PDF  
2004 February - Farmstead Cheesemaking Workshop - Barbara Reed PDF  
2004 January Guidelines for Euthanasia of Downer Cattle - Barbara Reed PDF  
2004 January Wheat Stripe Rust in 2004? - Doug Munier PDF  
2004 January Pruning Basics for Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees - Bill Krueger PDF  
2003 September Silage Gas Can Be Deadly - Barbara Reed PDF  
2003 July Forage Testing Information - Barbara Reed PDF  
2004 January North Valley Dairy Day - Barbara Reed PDF  
2003 June Wheat Stripe Rust Hits Hard - Doug Munier PDF  
2003 March Early Start for Stripe Rust - Doug Munier Early Start for Stripe Rust - Doug Munier PDF