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New Website Resource for Sac Valley Tree Crop Production

The UC Cooperative Extension Orchard Crop Advisors in the Sacramento Valley are excited to announce the launch of our new website – the Sacramento Valley Orchard Source! This site will bring together the wealth of information we provide in one location, including:

  • Timely newsletter articles through our Blog
  • Weekly Soil Moisture Loss (ET) Reports for the Northern and Southern Sacramento Valley
  • Pest Catch Reports based on weekly scouting in the Northern Sacramento Valley
  • Crop-specific production and management information for almonds, prunes and walnuts
  • Calendar of area Cooperative Extension meetings & events

We’ve built this site for you, the growers, PCAs, managers and allied industries. Please let us know what you think so we can continue to improve it.

Visit us at to check it out!


Danielle M. Lightle

Title: Farm Advisor

Specialty: Orchard Systems in Glenn, Butte, & Tehama Counties

Bio: Dani Lightle began as an orchard systems farm advisor based in Glenn County in 2014. She completed her Ph.D. in entomology at Oregon State University where her research focused on small fruit cropping systems. Her current research includes walnut and almond horticulture.

Walnut Day 2016

 *New* Copies of presentations from the 2016 Butte/Glenn Walnut Day can be downloaded here.

Orchard Facts

News, Updates and Articles On Orchard Crops In The Northern California Area.

Issue Type Date Added
October 2018 Glenn IPM Breakfast meeting (181KB) PDF 10/15/18
Prune- Fall 2018 (1,994KB) PDF 10/12/18
Orchard Facts- Walnut September 2018 (4,108KB) PDF 8/21/18
Orchard Facts- Almond June 2018 (982KB) PDF 6/13/18
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Bill Krueger

William H. Krueger

Title: Farm Advisor, Emeritus

Specialty: Tree crops in Glenn County and olives in Tehama County

Bio: Bill Krueger served as a Glenn County Horticulture Farm Advisor from 1980 until 2012, with a specialty in olives and integrated pest management. At Washington State University he earned his B.S. and Masters degrees in Horticulture. Working in all phases of crop production for almonds, prunes, walnuts and olives, Bill was involved in cooperative research looking for safer, less disruptive methods of pest and disease control. Bill's vast knowledge and expertise make him a valuable asset to the northern California area.

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