Ascochyta Blight of Garbanzo Detected in Five Points/Lemoore Area of Fresno and Kings Counties. What Now?

Feb 28, 2024

Between 22 and 27 Feb, Ascochyta blight in garbanzo beans was detected in the Five Points/Lemoore area.

This disease has potential to cause economic damage, is favored by wet conditions and moderate temperatures, and rain is in the forecast for Friday, March 1st and Sunday, March 3rd.

Fungicides, such as Endura (boscalid), Headline (pyraclostrobin), or Quadris (azoxystrobin) applied to garbanzo foliage preventatively will reduce risk of loss due to this disease.

Consult product labels carefully before applying a fungicide treatment to ensure the most effective application method, timing and rate.

Here are recent resources for more information about Ascochyta blight in garbanzos:

Below are photos by Tom Turini showing typical signs and symptoms of Ascochyta blight of garbanzo on plant samples recently collected in the Five Points/Lemoore area.

Circular lesions with dark centers and foliar dieback on garbanzo bean plant.

1 garb a

Garbanzo bean leaves with necrosis and small dark ifungal structures (pycnidia) of Ascochyta rabiei.

2 garb a

Garbanzo bean plant with stem lesion and substantial dieback.

3 garb a

By Thomas Turini
Author - Vegetable Crops Advisor
By Nicholas E Clark
Author - Agronomy and Nutrient Management Farm Advisor