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Climate Smart Agriculture Program

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Hello! My name is Dana (Brady) Yount and I am the Climate Smart Agriculture Specialist at UC Cooperative Extension in Orland. I serve Glenn County and the surrounding areas and provide technical assistance for farmers & ranchers in applying for CDFA  grants,including the application and implementation process. 

Currently, there are three grant funding opportunities available for Climate Smart Agriculture practices, including: 




If you would like more information, or to see if you qualify, please feel free to call or email me at (530)517-8187, or dyount@ucanr.edu.Please visit our website for 'How-to' and other instructional videos for the grants.

UC ANR Climate Smart Ag Website

  • 'How- To' and other instructional grant videos
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CDFA Technical Assistance

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HSP and SWEEP Grant Workshop: November 2 from 9-12 in Orland, and November 9 from 9-12 in Willows,  (please see flyer for more details) 

2021 CDFA HSP SWEEP Workshops - Updated


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Alternative Manure Management Case Study Article: 

If you would like to read about the Renati and Zuppan AMMP case study projects, check out this article!

AMMP Write Up     

2021 SWEEP and Healthy Soils Checklists

What is Climate Smart Agriculture?






Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) addresses the risk that the agriculture industry faces due to changing climate conditions. It encompasses management practices that increase soil carbon, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve on-farm efficiencies, and promote sustainable land practices.  CSA promotes increasing agricultural productivity, building resiliency to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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