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The Junior Master Gardener program aims to ignite a passion for learning, service and success! Developed originally for 4-H groups, this curriculum leads youth on a journey through gardening, ecology and nutrition, even ending with a chapter on LIfe Skills and Career Exploration. The Junior Master gardener Curriculum includes JMG Level One for 3rd-5th grades and JMG Level Two: Operatoin Thisle, Seeds of Despair for grades 6-8. Click on the link to order your curriculum today or contact your local cooperative extension office.



Explore the wonderful world of Agriculture in the Classroom! Increasing students' knowledge about agriculture has never been so much fun! With lessons that align with California Contents Standards, you can't go wrong! Explore this site and thewealth of resources this foundation has to offer or call your ocal cooperative extension office for more information.

The National Dairy Council provides quality materials for nutrition education of all ages. Check this site out for a weath of tools for schools.

Nutrition Links

Explore the new MyPyramid website and track your calorie intake, get tips on how to eat healthy and play the MyPyramid blast-off game!