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Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources


Nutrition Newslines

Subscribe to our teacher newsletter and get ideas on how to create a healthy classroom!


Promote brain development through physical activity and review your classroom topics.

Teacher Resource Sheet

Confused about what the Youth FSNEP program has to offer? Check out this resouce sheet for a quick explanation of our curricula!

Healthy Snack Ingredient List

Having trouble identifying wholesome snacks from the not-so-wholesome ones? Check out our healthy snack ingredient list below! This list also corresponds with Lesson 7, Activity 2 of the RAMP binder.


Non-Food Reward Ideas

Usethis list to create a healthier classroom by rewarding kids without the use of sugary snacks!

Benefits of Sleep

Includes tips for making bedtime an easy time.

Sugar in Popular Drinks

This activity will make students think twice when they erach for that can of soda!

Creating a school garden? Search the California School Garden Netwrok for activies that not only teach students abou twhat's going on in the garden, but also help them with thier core subjects in school! Also, keep updates on grants you may be eligible for!