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Monthly Newsletters & News Flashes

The 4-H newsletter is provided to keep you up to date on all the latest events, club information, and new policies. It is good to make it a habit to read through the RoundUp at the beginning of the month to ensure you are participating in all required events and to keep informed on the other fun events and opportunities you may become interested in. 

4-H Roundup

Glenn County 4-H ROUNDUP Newsletter - April & May 2022

Glenn County 4-H ROUNDUP Newsletter - Feb & Mar 2022

Glenn County 4-H Roundup Newsletter December 2021- January 2022

Glenn County 4-H Roundup Newsletter October & November 2021

Glenn County 4-H Roundup Newsletter - September 2021

Glenn County 4-H ROUNDUP Newsletter - June & July 2021


4-H News Flashes

News Flash June 10, 2022- Record Books, Award Applications, 4-H Camp, Virtual Showcase, and SLC

News Flash May 10, 2022- Glenn County Fair Important Announcements

Glenn County 4-H Newsflash May 3, 2022 Fair Clean-up, Tractor Supply Clover Campaign, JLA Runners and Flaggers, and Cookhouse Sign-ups

Glenn County 4-H Newsflash - March CSU 4-H Livestock Evaluation 101

Glenn County 4-H Newsflash- March 3, 2022 Fundraiser Dinner, Important Fair Dates, Friends of the Fair Dinner with SignUp Genius

Glenn County 4-H Newsflash- February 16, 2022 Applications, Scholarships, Camp, Battle of the Bakers

Glenn County 4-H NewsFlash - January 4, 2022

Glenn County 4-H NewsFlash - December 17, 2021 Crab Feed

Glenn County 4-H NewsFlash- December 6, 2021

Glenn County 4-H News Flash Tractor Supply Thank You's - October 10, 2021

Glenn County 4-H Thank You Tractor Supply Templates 2021