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Antimicrobial Stewardship: Challenges, Solutions & Next Steps

Please join us for a discussion of antimicrobial stewardship.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

UC Cooperative Extension- Glenn County

821 E. South St.

Orland, CA.  95963

(Same building as Superior Court)

Lunch and Registration: 12:00 p.m.

Program: 12:30-2:30 p.m.

PDF 7/10/19
California Dairy Newsletter - May 2019

Also In this Issue…

CVDRMP Recommendations… 2

NIR or Wet Chemistry?............. 3

By-Product Survey……….…... 4

Welcome Tim Hackmann…….. 4

Waste Milk Quality………….... 5

Antimicrobial Survey…………. 6

Horn Removal Options…….…. 7


PDF 5/29/19
California Dairy Newsletter - February 2019

In this Issue…

Almond Hull Usage………....1

Western Dairy Management      Conference………………….              2

Research Opportunity……….2

Semen Value Tool……….…..3

Bacteria & Milk Shelf Life….3


PDF 5/29/19
California Dairy Newsletter - December 2018

In this Issue…

Dry Cow Therapy…………...1

Naval Infections…………….         2

New Dairy Advisor………….3

Manure Funding Available….3


PDF 5/29/19
California Dairy Newsletter - September 2018

In this Issue…

Heat Stress Impact on Cows.... 1

Forage Nutrient Yields............. 2

Sorghum Characteristics.......... 3

New Soils Advisor................... 4

Reducing Methane Emissions.. 5

Survey on Antibiotic Use......... 5



PDF 9/12/18
California Dairy Newsletter - May 2018

In this issue:

Next Generation of Carbon Management .....1

Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance in Waste Milk .....2

Heifer Operation Regulation .....3

Gene Editing for Polled Trait into Elite Germplasm .....4

Dairy Needs Assessment Results .....7

Tips for a Successful Sorghum Crop .....8

PDF 5/18/18
California Dairy Newsletter - February 2018

In this Issue…

De-Pooling of Milk              1

Colostrum IgG                     3

Manure Pipes and Struvite   4

Calf Respiratory Disease    5

Repro. Performance             6

Golden State Dairy Management Conference            7

PDF 2/27/18
Registration open- Golden State Dairy Management Conference

Attached is a brochure for University of California’s 2018 Golden State Dairy Management Conference, March 29-30 in Stockton, CA!

 Our speaker line-up includes University of California Farm Advisors, Specialists, and Dairy Faculty on topics relevant to California dairying. 

 You can see the full agenda, register for the conference, and find more information at:  http://ucanr.edu/sites/CAdairyconference/

 Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring.  We hope to see you in Stockton!

PDF 2/2/18
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Cattle Improvement Symposium

There is still time to sign up for the 7th Annual UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Cattle Improvement Symposium!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Topics Include:

SB 27 & Antimicrobial Legislation Update

Environmental Issues and Sustainability

Calf Pneumonia

Data Collection & Analysis in Practice: Using HEALTHSUM

Managing the Transition Period for Success

Embryo Transfer & IVF

Mastitis & Milk Culture Wetlab


PDF 1/26/18
California Dairy Newsletter - November 2017

In this Issue...

Manure management $ available 1

Award of Distinction – 2

Golden State Dairy Management Conference2

Welcome R. Black – 3

CA Antibiotic Use – 4

Testing Cooling Strategies - 5

PDF 11/3/17
California Dairy Newsletter - July 2017

In this Issue…

Forage Particle Length 1

Disbudding calves – 3

Managing lagoons4

Fresno/Madera position opening – 5


Newsletter Editors:

Jennifer Heguy

UCCE Dairy Advisor

Merced/Stanislaus/San Joaquin



Noelia Silva-del-Rio

Dairy Production Medicine Specialist, VMTRC




Submitted by:

Betsy Karle

UCCE Dairy Advisor

Northern Sacramento Valley



PDF 7/25/17
California Dairy Newsletter - April 2017

In this Issue…

Needs assessment survey 1

Report of Salmonella in California cull cows – 1

2016 sorghum quality & survey results2

Heat abatement strategies: tips & reminders – 4

Understanding your annual report numbers – 6

Spring sampling reminders – 7


PDF 4/25/17
California Dairy Newsletter - January 2017

Timed-AI Programs1

TMR audits – 3

Sorghum field research4

Sugar-cane aphid– 5

BRD app – 6

Winter storms – 7

Meeting announcments – 7

PDF 1/30/17
California Dairy Newsletter - October 2016

In this Issue:

Methane in the news1

Welcome JP Martins – 2

Silage structure options3

Fresh pen milk yield– 4

Research Roundup:

     Sorghum – 5

     Greenhouse gases- 5

Small Grain Varieties- 6

PDF 10/31/16
Calf Management Workshop

Please join us for a bilingual dairy calf management roundtable discussion on:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I-5 Café

1165 Hoff Way, Orland

Noon-3:00 p.m.

Lunch generously sponsored by


Topics include:

Management Solutions for Pneumonia– Betsy Karle– UC Cooperative Extension

Colostrum Management Tips– Munashe Chigerwe, BVSc, MPH, PhD

 Associate Professor, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Experiences from the Pathology Lab– Rob Moeller, DVM, DACVP, DABT

Pathologist, California Animal Health & Food Safety Lab, Tulare

Veterinarian’s Viewpoint: Local Calf Challenges- Kate Smith, DVM

Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital, Orland


Bring your toughest calf management questions for our panel!

PDF 9/15/16
California Dairy Newsletter - August 2016

Biosecurity - 1

Maximize Manure Nitrogen Value - 2

Metritis Diagnosis Considerations - 4

Announcements:  Project Cooperators Needed & Position Opening - 5

PDF 8/9/16
California Dairy Newsletter - April 2016 PDF 4/27/16
California Dairy Newsletter - January 2016

Gene Editing 1

Silage Underlay 3

Winter Reminders 5

Water Board Violations – 6

Golden State Dairy Conference - 7


PDF 1/25/16
2016 Golden State Dairy Management Conference

2016 Golden State Dairy Management Conference

March 8-10, 2016

Embassy Suites Monterey Bay - Sea Side, CA

Book early for the best rates!

PDF 1/11/16
California Dairy Newsletter - December 2015

Avoiding Drug Residues – 2

Evitando los Residuos de Medicamentos – 3

Lameness – Are Your Cows Stepping on Sharp Objects? – 4

Cojeras – Están sus Vacas Caminando Sobre Objetos Afilados – 5

The Importance of Dry Matter: Tips for Feeders and Dairy Producers – 6

La Importancia de Conocer la Materia Seca: Consejos para Alimentadores y Productores Lecheros – 8

PDF 12/16/15
California Dairy Newsletter - October 2015
  • Preparing for El Niño
  • Managing Mud
  • Sharp Objects and Lame Cows
  • Pneumonia in Calves
  • CAHFS and Animal Disease
  • C. Collar Retirement
  • Dairy Advisor Position Recruitments
PDF 10/22/15
California Dairy Newsletter - August 2015

Antibiotics on Dairies

Corn Silag3e Processing Scores

CDQAP Certification and Fee Reduction

Sorghum Tips

N. Peterson Retirement

PDF 8/7/15
California Dairy Newsletter - April 2015



What is dry matter? 2

Salmonella 3

Dairy Challenge in CA – 4

Environmental compliance reminders – 5 & 6

Announcements – 7

PDF 4/20/15
California Dairy Newsletter - January 2015

What is IVF? 1

Winter “To Do” List for Compliance 2

Western Dairy Management Conference 3

Meeting – California Dairy Management Seminars, Focus on Feeding – 4

PDF 1/29/15
Cow Comfort Meeting PDF 1/26/15
California Dairy Newsletter - November 2014

Necropsy’s Value

Pesticide Database

Managing Salts

BRD Management

Choosing a Lab


Remembering Tom Schultz

PDF 11/6/14
California Dairy Newsletter

In this Issue…

Correcting Silage DM 1

Silage DM Requirements 2

Managing Nutrients w/ Drought 2

Karle new Dairy Advisor 2

A. Castillo Retirement – 3

What is Energy? – 4

Soakers & Cow Cooling 5

Milk Pregnancy Test 6

PDF 7/31/14
Strawlage Meeting

UCCE Research Shows Ensiled Rice Straw has Potential as Heifer Feed


Research conducted by UCCE farm advisors and specialists over the past 5 years has shown that rice straw loses about 40% of its TDN value during post harvest field drying thereby reducing a feed with a modest TDN value to one with a very low TDN value.  While this UCCE research has also shown that ‘double chop’ or ‘slicer bailed’ rice straw is a ‘mixer ready’ feedstuff which can be added at up to 20% of diet dry matter (DM) to totally mixed rations of dry cows and heifers with little diet sorting or refusals, this baling technology does not impact its low TDN value.  However exciting recent research has shown that ensiling rice straw at about 50% moisture for up to 130 days creates a highly palatable feed to cattle with a TDN value that is about 40% higher than in dry rice straw.  It seems clear that this approach to preservation of rice straw prevents much of the loss of TDN in rice straw that occurs during field drying.  In these drought stressed times, ensiled double chop rice straw may be an opportunity feedstuff for dairy and beef producers that are located near rice growing areas of California.

PDF 7/18/14
Dairy Drought Assistance Workshop

Topics that will be covered include:


Deficit Irrigation

Extending Limited Feed Resources

Nutrient Management in Drought Conditions

Using Flowmeters and VFD's for Improving Water and Energy Efficiency (Demonstration)



PDF 6/9/14
Quickbooks® in Agriculture - June 19

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Is it the Right Small Business Accounting Software for Your Operation? Join us for an Introductory Interactive Overview of QuickBooks® Use for Agricultural Enterprises with Plenty of Time for Questions and Answers


PDF 6/4/14
California Dairy Newsletter

100 years of UCCE 1

Avoiding antibiotic residues – 1

Managing nutrients without water 2

Drought assistance – 3

Sorghum for drought? – 4

Uterine infections 5


PDF 4/24/14
California Dairy Newsletter - January 2014

Preventing Milk Fever

Promote Your Product

Heat Stress Meeting

Voluntary Waiting Period

In Memoriam: Don Bath

Hoof Health Meetings

PDF 2/6/14
November 2013

Waste Discharge Requirements

Silage Face Management

Calf Diarrhea II

Dairy & Sustainability

PDF 11/25/13
August 2013 PDF 8/22/13
California Dairy Newsletter

Regulatory Reminders 1

Forage NSC & NFC – 2

Marvelous Improvement Device 3

Mineral Excretions 4

Silage Survey 5

Managing for Quality 5 

PDF 4/17/13
California Dairy Newsletter - March 2013

Dairy Worker Turnover Rates are on the Decrease

Feeding Calves on a Higher Plane of Nutrition

UC Needs Your Help for BRD Survey

The ABC's of Forage Analysis - Fiber & Digestibility

Area Dairy Advisor - Serving Tulare and Kern Counties

PDF 3/19/13
North Valley Dairy Day - March 14

Program Attached

PDF 2/25/13
California Dairy Newsletter

Annual English/Spanish Edition

PDF 1/24/13
California Dairy Newsletter - November 2012

Dangers of Feeding Pistachios

Intestinal Hematomas

Understanding Forage Analyses

Save Money by Sticking to Protocols

Western Dairy Management Conference

Dairy Management Seminar (presented in English and Spanish) - December 13 - Orland

PDF 11/15/12
California Dairy Newsletter - August 2012

Dairies in the news 1

Corn silage management – 2

Freestall check 3

Calf diarrhea 4

Rabies in ruminants 5

By-product use 5

Retirements & Awards–7

Announcements 8

Silage Day-9

PDF 8/13/12
California Dairy Newsletter - May 2012

Motivating Employees
Corn Silage Management
Polio in Cattle
Schmallenberg Virus
Cooling Dry Cows
Dairy Closures

PDF 5/11/12
California Dairy Management Seminars - Spanish PDF 2/29/12
California Dairy Management Seminars - English PDF 2/29/12
California Dairy Newsletter


  • Mycotoxins 1
  • TMR Mixing 3
  • Calf Pneumonia 4
  • Technology & Cows - 6


PDF 2/29/12
North Valley Dairy Day

Monday, February 6, 2012

Complimentary Allied Industry-Sponsored Lunch

Details attached.

PDF 1/17/12
CA Dairy Dec. 2011 Spanish

Spanish Version

PDF 12/20/11
California Dairy Newsletter - November 2011

Forage Dry Matter
Milk Quality
Research Update

PDF 11/10/11
Risk Management Options Workshop

Risk Management Options and Policy Implications for California Dairies
Workshop Presented by Dr. Leslie (Bees) Butler
October 25, 2011

JPG 8/26/11
California Dairy Newsletter

Management Considerations
Plant Tissue Sampling
Diagnosing Downer Cows
Supply Well Sampling
Utilizing Checklists
NRCS Announcement

PDF 8/26/11
June 2011

Antibiotic Residues
Identifying Sick Cows
Monitoring Mastitis
Water Board Updates
Corn Silage Field Day

PDF 6/13/11
California Dairy Newsletter - February 2011

Silage Face Management 
Milk Quality
WDR Reminders
Protected Amino Acids
Nutrient Efficiency


PDF 2/15/11
North Valley Dairy Day

February 15, 2011

PDF 1/24/11
California Dairy Newsletter - Special Spanish Edition


Managing Retained Placentas (January 2010)

Heat Stress in Cattle (August 2010)

Back to Basics: Milking Procedures (November 2010)

Sterile Milk Sampling (November 2010)

Herdsman Shortcourse Announcement

PDF 1/10/11
Rainy Season Reminders PDF 12/27/10
November 2010

Milk Quality in California – Up to the EU Challenge?

San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District has TWO Part Permitting Process

Deliverable to Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

Western Dairy Management Conference Meets in Reno in 2011

PDF 11/16/10
Milk Quality Workshop

Meeting the SCC Challenge

PDF 10/18/10
California Dairy Newsletter - August 2010 Heat Stress Timing Corn Harvest Sampling Corn @ Harvest Milk Quality Meet Dr. Rossow Fly Management Energy Efficiency WDR Reminders Repro Shortcourse PDF  
Waste Discharge Requirements Workshop Tuesday, May 25 - Workshop June Office Hours PDF  
May 2010 Carbon Footprints Feeding for Animal Requirements Training Videos Milk Urea Nitrogen When the Media Calls Incinerators in CA? Increasing Efficiency PDF  
North Valley Dairy Day Dairy Day Program and Information PDF  
Dairy Day - Save the Date PDF  
California Dairy Newsletter - December 2009 Spanish Translation of Articles PDF  
California Dairy Newsletter - November 2009 Carbon Footprints Productivity, Excellence and Giftedness Prevent Residue Violations in Animals from Your Facility Prevention & Control of Johne's Disease Tail Docking Practices in California Dairies UC Davis Students Milk Their Education for All It's Worth What is Required to Do Good Dairy Nutrient Management? CDQAP: Rainy Season Reminders Are Mycotoxins Affecting Your Herd? PDF  
Hoof Health Workshop October 27, 2009 PDF  
August 2009 Another Program Available to Help Central Valley Dairy Farms Meet Water Quality Rules PDF  
California Dairy Newsletter - July 2009 Impacts - 1944 vs. 2007 High LPC's? Purchasing Forage? Mineral Content in Feedstuffs Know the Signs of Depression Increase Cow Comfort Concealing Animal Mortalities Feeding Calves Managing Irrigations Reproductive Shortcourse WDR Sampling PDF  
California Dairy Newsletter - May 2009 Heat Stress Feeding Toxic Weeds Milk + Milk Replacer Powder Culling Considerations Tail Docking Survey/Practices UC Davis Teaching Prize Bulk Tank Milk Quality Educating Consumers Systems Management Dairy Wage Survey Updated Waste Discharge Info Cotton Feeding Dairy Facility Options PDF  
April 2009 Waste Discharge Requirement Help Sessions PDF  
CDQAP Workshop Upcoming Deadline Workshop - March 16, 2009 PDF  
January 2009 Dairy Day Reminder First Issue of New California Dairy Newsletter PDF  
North Valley Dairy Day Register now for Dairy Day - Program and lunch sponsored by allied industry. PDF  
November 2008 Waste Discharge Requirements Deadline Making Progress Holstein Convention Dairy Day - February 3 New Newsletter Format Small Farm Conference Responsible Dairy Symposium PDF  
Water Discharge Requirement Workshops - Deadline December 31 Assistance Workshops to Meet Upcoming Deadline PDF  
CDQAP Workshop Monday October 27 Monday Meeting - Dairy Water Rules PDF  
August 2008 Update on Water Quality Regulations Glenn County RCD Stakeholder Meeting FDA Set to Ban Extra-Label Cephalosporin Antibiotic Use in Food Animals Recomendations for Dealing with Heat Stress During An Emergency Partial List of Extension Web Pages on Dairy Heat Stress How to Help Prevent Overwhelming the Animal Disposal System PDF  
Dairy Cattle Welfare Workshop Workshop July 9, 2008 PDF  
Workshop Flyer July 1 Deadline Looming? - Here's Help PDF  
Cull Cow Poster Cull Cow Poster Transport Checklist PDF  
April 2008 Don't Forget to Take Your Samples! Annual Report - Due July 1 Cull Cow Transport Guidelines Deadline for DDAP Sign-Ups Other General Order WDR Activities PDF  
CDQAP Workshop March 7 Workshop PDF  
February 2008 Storm Water Monitoring Management Plans Waste Discharge Workshop Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles Survey Herdsman Shortcourse New Website Dairy Disaster Assistance Program Bovine Tuberculosis Detected in Fresno PDF  
October 2007 Sample All Wells Prior to November 3 Existing Conditions and PDFA Reports November 2 Deadline for EQIP Program Allied Industry Trade Show PDF  
September 2007 Water Quality Workshop - October 4 PDF  
2007 March North Valley Dairy Day PDF  
September 2006 Using Winter Forages for Dairy Nitrogen Management Sabbatical Begins October 1 DHIA Data for August PDF  
September 2006 All About Organics Improving Air and Water Quality Meeting PDF  
August 2006 Checklist for Using Lagoon Water Effectively Report Losses from Heat Wave to Ag. Commissioner Improving Air and Water Quality Meeting - October 24 PDF  
July 2006 Partnership with RCD October Workshop NRCS Programs PDF  
July 2006 EQIP Agenda PDF  
July 2006 EQIP Stakeholder Meeting Monday, July 17, 2006 Glenn County RCD - Willows Noon to 2:00 p.m. The Glenn County RCD is asking for input from stakeholders to assist the District Conservationist in preparing for this year's round of local conservation priorities. During the meeting, the EQIP program will be discussed, as well as local resource concerns and priorities brought forward by participants. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) was reauthorized in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (Farm Bill) to provide a voluntary conservation program for farmers and ranchers that promotes agricultural production and environmental quality as compatible national goals.EQIP offers financial and technical help to assist eligible participants install or implement structural and management practices on eligible agricultural land. Last fiscal year, over $800,000 was allocated to EQIP projects in Glenn County. See the PDF flyers at the our website for more information. PDF  
March 2006 Hoof Health Workshop Farmstead Cheese Workshop PDF  
Western Organic Dairy Conference Flyer 3rd Annual Western Organic Dairy Conference Flyer PDF  
March 2006 Biological Risk Management Project Stable Flies and March Rains Organic Information PDF  
Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse Flyer Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse Flyer PDF  
August 2005 Dairy Development in Kenya Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse Save the Date(s) DHIA Data for June PDF  
August 2005B PDF  
February 2005 Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse Brochure PDF  
February 2005 Farmstead Cheesemaking Workshop Dairy Herdsman Short Course Disease Prevention Strategies January DHIA Data PDF  
January 2005 North Valley Dairy Day - January 25, 2005 PDF  
November 2004 Ideas Wanted for North Valley Dairy Day Review Draft of NPDES Permit Field Evaluation of Footwart Vaccine PDF  
August 2004 Update on NPDES Permits & Irrigated Ag. Waiver Dairy Amendment for Glenn County General Plan - Update Air Quality & Regulations Dairy Herdman Short Course Advanced Dairy Herd Reproduction Management Program Prof. Dairy Heifer Growers - Southwest Reg. Meeting PDF  
March 2004 California Dairy Quality Assurance Program EC Meters Available Drinking Water Guidelines for Dairy Animals Nitrogen Balances in Dairy Farms 3rd Annual Cheese Making Workshop CDHIA Data PDF  
December 2003 North Valley Dairy Day Conditional Waiver/Permitting Plan For Dairies Mycoplasma Shedding Patterns DHIA Data for November PDF  
November 2003 Confined Livestock Facilities Meeting Dairy Pricing & Cost of Production Meeting PDF  
September 2003 Deadline for Value Added Grants Calculating a Fair Price for Silage Herdsman Short Course DHIA Data for August PDF  
July 2003 Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse Making Your Calculations for the CWT Program PDF  
June 2003 Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse to be held at CSU, Chico October 28-30 Chlorhexidine Not Recommended to Halt Lactation of Chronically Infected Quarters Prolonged Oxytocin Treatment Has Limited Use Cleaner Cows Have Lower Somatic Cell Counts DHIA Data for May Link to Cow Cleanliness Scorecard can be found on Dairy program page PDF  
May 2003 Environmental Stewardship Short Course Energy Savings Program Insecticide Products for Control of House Flies PDF  
March 2003 Dairy Cattle Foot Care Workshop Farmstead Cheesemaking Workshop Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse DHIA Data for February 2003 PDF  
December 2002 North Valley Dairy Day Dairies Need to File Paperwork with Regional Water Quality Control Board in 2003 PDF  
Report of Discharge Form Proposed Waiver of Discharge Requirements Form PDF  
Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements Proposed Language for Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Confined Animal Facilities PDF  
November 25, 2002 New Date for North Valley Dairy Day PDF  
November 2002 2002 Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference Yeast Products for Growing and Lactating Dairy Cattle October 2002 DHIA Averages PDF  
September 2002 Proposed Glenn County Ordinance Requiring Conditional Use Permit PDF  
August 2002 2003 No. Valley Dairy Day Culturing for Staph aureus June DHIA Data PDF  
May 2002 Dairy Options Pilot Program Meeting Scheduled PDF  
April 2002 ESSC Shortcourse Scheduled PDF  
March 2002 EQIP Cost-Sharing Program Prof. Dairy Heifer Growers Assn. Convention PDF  
January 25, 2002 Farmstead Cheese Workshop PDF  
January 2002 Lagoon Water Nutrient Workshop Regional Water Quality Control Board 2002 California Holstein Convention PDF  
December 2001 North Valley Dairy Day Agenda Planning Code Revisions PDF  
November 2001 North Valley Dairy Day Herd Benefit From BVD Vaccination in Young Dairy Calves PDF  
September 2001 Dairy Herdsman Short Course DHIA October Averages PDF  
March 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease PDF  
December 2000 North Valley Dairy Day Spring 2001 Environmental Stewardship Classes PDF  
October 1999 EQIP Program CDQAP Program ESSC Course Offered PDF  
April 1999 Surviving an EPA Inspection Sexed Semen is Coming PDF  
February 1999 Manure Management-Does Anything Work? What are Dairy Options-How Do Dairy Options Work? PDF