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Livestock and Range News is a newsletter published by the Farm Advisor containing research, news and meeting notices related to the areas of livestock, range, pasture, and natural resources

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February 2019 Livestock and Range News

*Winter Animal Health Meetings*
February 15, 2019

Orland Livestock Auction Yard
3877 Co Rd 99W, Orland, CA 95963
11:00 am—1:45 pm

Shasta Livestock Auction Yard,
3917 Main Street, Cottonwood, CA
5:15 pm—7:45 pm

PDF 1/31/19
August 2018 Livestock and Range News

Water Measurement and Reporting Course Complying with SB88

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Elk Creek Grange

151 Church St., Elk Creek, CA.  95939

PDF 7/30/18
March 2018 Livestock and Range News

Measurement and reporting Course Complying with SB88

 Tuesday, March 20, 2018

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Shasta Livestock Auction Yard

Cottonwood, CA


 Wednesday, March 21, 2018

12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Adin Community Center

 Adin, CA

PDF 3/6/18
February 2018 Livestock and Range News

Winter Animal Health Meeting - February 16th 

Orland:          11:00 am-2:00 pm  Orland Livestock Auction Yard

                          3877 Co Rd. Hwy 99W, Orland

Cottonwood:  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm- Shasta Livestock Auction Yard

                          3917 Main Street, Cottonwood

  • Current News on Beef Cattle Export Markets
  • US Beef Cattle Market Outlook
  • Ranch to Rail Outcomes
  • What do Range Weeds Cost You in Cattle Gains Per Acre?
  • Manganese: The Forgotten Beef Cattle Mineral

Temple Grandin  Friday February 23rd, 7-9am

                            $15.00 per person-by reservation

  • Livestock Handling & Animal Behavior
PDF 2/5/18
August 2017 Livestock and Range News
  • Blackberry Management
  • Rotary Wiper Control of Smutgrass in Irrigated Pasture
  • Consumption of Mineral by Yearling Cattle Grazing Annual Range and Irrigated Pasture
  • Alleviating Worries for Nitrate and Prussic Acid Poisoning
  • Beef Cattle Market Relationships
PDF 8/21/17
Livestock and Range News February 2017

Winter Animal Health Meetings

February 17, 2017

Morning Meeting—Orland Livestock Yard

Evening Meeting—Cottonwood Livestock Yard

 Grass Tetany

Larry Forero, Josh Davy, and Dr. John Maas


Comparing Transline and Milestone herbicides

Josh Davy, Larry Forero, & Joe DiTomaso

PDF 1/30/17
January 2017 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Drought management workshop at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale Friday January 27, 2017. Tehama District Fairgrounds - 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM

PDF 1/20/17
June 2016 Livestock and Range News


  • Considerations for storing and feeding rained on hay
  • Methods of Selenium Supplementation for beef cattle and Associated Weight Gains
  • Medusahead Seed Suppression with Milestone Herbicide
  • Does Feeding Bur Clover Seed Through a Cow Work?
PDF 6/30/16
February 2016 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

CSU, Chico Beef Symposium

February 20, 2016

PDF 2/12/16
January 2016 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Winter animal health meetings

Friday February 19th 2016

Maxwell Inn 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Cottonwood Livestock Auction Yard 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

PDF 1/28/16
July 2015 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle

August 17-18, 2015

Davis, CA


PDF 7/9/15
February 2015 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting announcement*

Winter Animal Health Meetings 

February 20th, 2015

Willows, CA 11:00 AM - 1:40 PM

Cottonwood, CA 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

PDF 2/5/15
December 2014 Livestock and Range News

*Rice straw field tour December 15th!*

Baling rice straw as strawladge can improve forage quality.  Two tours will offer livestock and rice producers a chance to determine if rice strawlage would work in their operations

PDF 11/28/14
July 2014 Livestock and Range News

Workshop July 29th, 2014

Rice Straw— A New Method to Get Through a Drought

Demonstrations of rice straw research making this commodity a better option for drought years on rangeland

PDF 7/9/14
March 2014 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Irrigated pasture workshop

April 5th, 2014

Los Molinos, CA

PDF 3/6/14
February 2014 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Winter animal health meetings

Both meetings February 21, 2014

Lunch meeting 10 AM Willows

Dinner meeting 5 PM Cottonwood

PDF 2/7/14
Livestock and Range News January 2014

Livestock and Range News

In this Issue...

  • Managing Cattle During Drought: Destocking and Early Weaning
  • New Perennial Grass Tested for Sacramento Valley Foothill Rangeland
  • Killer Oak Trees
  • SRA Fees Boost Funding for CAL FIRE’s VMP Program
  • Check for Vitamin A Deficiency
  • Meeting Announcement: Mitigating Drought
  • Class Offered: Shasta College A.I. School
  • Save the Date: Winter Animal Health Meetings


PDF 1/16/14
April 2013 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center field day.

May 7, 2013

PDF 4/18/13
March 2013 Livestock and Range News

*Meeting Announcement*

2013 Spring Range Tour

Turri Ranch - Paskenta, CA

Saturday April, 13th 2013

9 AM to 1:30 PM

PDF 3/18/13
February 2013 Livestock and Range News


Friday February 22th, 2013

Willows, CA 11:00 AM-2:30 PM

Cottonwood, CA 4:30PM-8:30PM


PDF 2/12/13
August 2012 Livestock and Range News

*Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update*

In this Issue...

  • Milestone (Aminopyralid) Applied Preemergence can Control Medusahead
  • Assistance with Fish Screen on Diversions
  • Selective Control of Barb Goatgrass with Aminocyclopyrachlor
  • Warner-Brassler Shear Test Demonstration
  • Important Facts to Know about the Herbicide: Glyphosate
  • Understanding and Managing Shrink


PDF 8/13/12
April 2012 Livestock and Range News

Range tour April 17th, 2012

Pasture aeration trial results

Risk management workshop April 23rd, 2012    

PDF 4/11/12
February Livestock and Range News


Friday February 24th, 2012

Willows, CA 10:00 AM-2:30 PM

Cottonwood, CA 5:00PM-8:30PM

PDF 2/7/12
January 2012 Livestock and Range News
*Special edition of the Northern California Ranch Update*

In this Issue:
  • Research Update on Using a Rotary Wiper
  • Slender Aster Control
  • Controlling Wire Grass in Irrigated Pastures
  • Fertilizer for Annual Clover Establishment
  • Effects of Heavy Grazing on Tarweed and Vinegarweed
PDF 12/27/11
May 2011 Livestock and Range News

Rangeland Decision Making Survey

PDF 5/9/11
March 2011 Livestock and Range News

*Update on smutgrass control research*

Meeting Announcements
Irrigated pasture workshop, April 9, 2011
Range tour in Elk Creek, April 21, 2011

PDF 3/28/11
February 2011 Livestock and Range News

Friday February 25th, 2011

Willows, CA 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Cottonwood, CA 5:00PM-9:00PM

PDF 2/4/11
April 2010 Livestock and Range News Range Tour Saturday May 1, 2010 PDF  
February 2010 Livestock and Range News *Northern California Ranch Update* In this issue: 1)Dallisgrass Staggers 2)Will This Be a Bad Year For Grass Tetany? 3)Equine Infleunza Hits the Valley 4)Common Groundsel and Fiddleneck 5)Cattle Reproduction Meeting in Williams 6)CSU, Chico Annual Beef Day 7)Stockmanship and Stewardship Tour hits Cottonwood 8)Cattle Reproduction Meeting in Cottonwood 9)Causes of Sudden Death in Cattle 10)Tehama County Cattlemen’s Spring Field Day PDF  
October 2009 Livestock and Range News Meeting announcements: *November 9, 2009 - Livestock Production and the Williamson Act - Red Bluff *December 9, 2009 - Water Resources Education Symposium - Corning, CA PDF  
September 2009 Livestock and Range News "Special edition of the Northern California Ranch Update" In this issue: 1) Beef Improvement Federation Annual Meeting Highlights, Sacramento, CA 2) Fertilizer Affects on Production and Species Composition on Annual Range 3) Determining Grazing Pressure on Rangelands 4) Dryland Hay Variety Trials in Glenn County 5) Beef and Horse Vaccination and Treatment Plans for the Northern Sacramento Valley 6) Australian Beef Research Scientist will Attend TCCA Meeting (You are invited!) PDF  
April 2009 Livestock, Land, & News Glenn/Colusa Cattlemen's Association Field Tour April 25, 2009 Sunflower CRMP Stewardship Day May 1, 2009 PDF  
March 2009 Livestock, Land and News *Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update* 1) Medusahead: What is being tested to reduce it? 2) Irrigated Pasture Fertilization: Where do we go from here? 3) Weaned Calf and Yearling Natural and Implant Trends and Prices 4) Beef Improvement Federation Meeting Comes to California! 5) Winter Animal Health Workshop - March 19, 2009 in Cottonwood at 4PM! PDF  
February 2009 Livestock, Land and News CSU, Chico, UCCE, CBCIA, YCA Annual Beef Day February 21, 2009 PDF  
December 2008 Livestock, Land, & News Rangeland Water Quality Research Results Workshop January 16th, 2009 PDF  
November 2008 Livestock, Land, & News *Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update* In this issue: 1)Booster Vaccines 2)Seeding Irrigated Pasture in the Sacramento Valley 3)Use of Alternative Feedstuffs During the Drought 4)Smaller Cows or Fewer Cows? 5)Performance Advantage of Wintering Fall-Calving Mountain Cattle in the Sacramento Valley 6)BQA Training and Certification PDF  
August 2008 Livestock & Land News -Special Northern California Ranch Update & BQA Certification Meeting- Included in this Issue 1) Smutgrass in Irrigated Pastures 2) Drought and Cow Performance 3) Unprecedented Change, New Challenges and Opportunities 4) USDA-FSA Critical Deadlines 5) Drought Sales of Livestock, Managing the Taxes 6) Rangeland Fertilizer's Affect on Medusahead 7) Irrigated Pasture Management and Quality - Seasonal Changes in Quality 8) Northern California Winter Pasture 9) Beef Quality Assurance Training and Certification PDF  
May 2008 Livestock and Land News *Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update* In this issue: 1)Barb goatgrass control assistance 2)EPD accuracy 3)Occurance of animal plant poisonings 4)Affect of transport on preg rates 5)Fiddleneck PDF  
April 2008 Livestock, Land, and News Glenn/Colusa Cattlemen's Field Day April 24th, 2008 PDF  
March 2008 Livestock, Land & News Workshop Announcements Sierra Field Station Day Niche Marketing Conference TCCA Field Day GCWG Field Day Pasture/Forage Management Workshop PDF  
February 2008 Livestock Land and News CSU, Chico Beef Day February 16th, 2008 Registration begins 8 AM PDF  
January 2008 Land and Livestock News Northern California Ranch Update Volume 2, Issue 1 o Euthanasia (Humane Killing) of Cattle with a Firearm o Livestock Compensation Program o Summary of Selenium, Copper and Zinc Status for Beef Cattle in Northern California o Managing Tree of Heaven in Pasture o Sire Selection – Determining Goals and Beginning Preparation for Purchases o Rescheduled Animal Health Meeting – Orland o Animal Health Meeting in Cottonwood o Managing Rangelands to Benefit Pollinators Workshop o Killer Oak Trees PDF  
December 2007 *Winter Workshop* January 4th, 2008 - 4-7 PM Orland Livestock Commission Yard Issues covered include: -BVD Overview and Assessment -Irrigated Pasture WQ Survey -Late Season Pasture Fertilization -EPDs and Sire Selection -Lepto Survey and Overview PDF  
October 2007 Livestock, Land & News A special edition of the Northern California Ranch Update! Included in this issue: 1.) Fall Cattle Health Reminders 2.) Managing Mint in Irrigated Pasture 3.) Feed Alternatives in a Drought Year 4.) Marketing Your Calves on the Video 5.) Grazing for Weed Control 6.) Irrigation Scheduling Tools in Irrigated Pasture 7.) New Trichomonosis Laws in California 8.) Implications of Postweaning Nutrition on Carcass Characteristics and Feed Cost 9.) Applications Being Accepted for NRCS EQIP Funding 10.) Beef Cattle Sire Selection Workshop PDF  
July 2007 Livestock & Land News *Special Edition of the Third Northern California Ranch Update* -Biosecurity for California Beef Cattle Ranches -Water Quality Update - Survey of Irrigated Pastures and Meadows -Why is the Grass Greener Under that Oak Tree? -Not Just Another Drought Option - Early Weaning for Marketing, Cow Performance & Distribution -Making Decisions in the Information Age -Drought Sales of Livestock: Managing the Taxes -Irrigated Pasture Production in Shasta County -Blackberry Management PDF  
May 2007 Livestock, Land & News Irrigated Pasture Workshop May 12th 9AM - 1 PM Shasta College PDF  
May 2007 Livestock, Land & News Wildlife and Enviromental Stewardship Day PDF  
April 2007 Livestock, Land and News Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update- -CA Trich Control Program -Barb Goatgrass Impact and Control -Pour-on vs. Injectable Ivomec -To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize -Beef Stocker/Yearling Cost Study PDF  
March 2007 Glenn/Colusa Woolgrower's BBQ 2007 Spring BBQ and Scholarship Fundraiser to be hosted by the Glenn Colusa Woolgrowers April 22, 2007 PDF  
Feb 07 Livestock Land 7 News Niche Marketing Conference 2007 Niche Meat Marketing Conference March 20th and 21st, 2007 CSU, Chico Farm PDF  
Rangeland Water Quality Workshop -March 5 2007 4-7 PM Willows Civic Center- The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with the background in rangeland water quality policy, current efforts in influencing policy and the factors affecting water quality so that you have the tools to become proactive in this issue PDF  
Winter Animal Health Forum Winter Animal Health Forum Cottonwood, CA February 24 8AM-12PM PDF  
CSU, Chico Beef Day Beef Day February 17, 2007 8AM PDF  
Jan 07 Livestock, Land & News Special Edition of the Northern California Ranch Update -Individual Animal ID -Treatment of Calf Scours -UC brings new tools for cow culling decisions -Milestone: A new herbicide -Check list for leases -Managing Northern CA annual rangeland PDF  
November 2006 -New NAIS User's Guide Released -Animal ID Made Easy Dinner at CSU, Chico PDF  
October 2006 Livestock, Land and News New Beef Cattle Research Accepting Applications for 2007 EQIP Funding Comparing Nitrate and Prussic Acid Poisoning PDF  
April 2006 Livestock, Land, and News -The story behind the new rangeland herbicide -New National Animal Identification Plan Released -Glenn-Colusa Woolgrowers barbeque -Stewardship Day PDF  
Glenn/Colusa Woolgrower's BBQ Sunday April 23rd from 12-3 PDF  
Tehama County Cattlemen's 2006 Spring Field Day PDF  
Temple Grandin Comes to Red Bluff Monday May 8th from 5:30 to 8:00 PDF  
Niche Meat Conference March 21-22 Chico State University Farm PDF  
Valley Winter Ag Day Shasta Livestock Auction February 11 PDF  
Glenn/Colusa Cattlemen's Holiday Topper Dinner To Be Held February 11, 2006 PDF  
January 2006 Where We Are With Animal Identification: A Survery by the University of California Cooperative Extension PDF  
Tehama County Cattlemen's Winter Dinner Cattlemen's Winter Dinner and Scholarship Fundraiser to be held on January 14th PDF  
June, 2005 Newsletter In This Issue: 1. NAIS Comment Period Ends July 6 2. Rangeland Fertilization Considerations PDF  
May Sheep Mtg. Announcement Sheep Nutrition Workshop Sheep Shearing School PDF  
SFREC Field Day PDF  
Glenn/Colusa Woolgrower's BBQ PDF  
Irrigated Pasture Day PDF  
Glenn/Colusa/Yolo Cattlemen's Field Day PDF  
March 2005 In This Issue: · Selecting for Length of Life · Tehama County Cattlemen’s Field Day-Glenn/Colusa Cattlemen’s Field Day · Irrigated Pasture Day · Glenn/Colusa Wool Growers BBQ PDF  
Niche Meat Conference PDF  
January 2005 Timing of Castration Research Results Beef Day Winter Animal Health Forum PDF