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Emerald Star Ranking



Emerald Star Rank Award 2022-2023



The Emerald Star is added to the Star Rank Program to give all 4-H members the opportunity to serve their clubs, county and/or community without applying for the County Ambassador Team. This is a star rank awarded for a plan of leadership in the 4-H program or in the community. It will be presented at the Star Awards event. Projects should be completed by June with an oral and written report required.


What is the Emerald Star Program?

  • It offers 4-H'ers the opportunity to develop leadership skills beyond the local club level.
  • A 4-H'er who wishes to participate must submit a plan for approval (prior to the work being done) and prepare an evaluation report at the completion of his/her work, then present that report to the Council.
  • It is hoped that all Emerald Star plans are successful, but 4-H'ers may receive the Emerald Star Rank even if the plans are not successful. The end of the project evaluations may indicate how well the 4-H'ers planned, how well they tried (including revision of their plans), and how well they were able to evaluate what they did.


  • Be 13 years old or older by December 31, 2022.
  • Have met the requirements of a Gold Star or hold the rank of a Gold Star.
  • Present a plan of proposed leadership to be offered on a multi-club basis, county, or area level in the community, during the following year.
  • Be prepared to handle any financial costs to complete the plan.

Your Plan


  • Must benefit others (not just the applicant)
  • Emerald Star applicant must interface with Glenn County members/leaders, and can involve community resources in developing and completing the Emerald Star Project.
  • Emerald Star Project must be appropriate for the applicant.

Your Plan Must Adhere to the Following Criteria:

  1. Submit Application, Preliminary Plan and Plan of Work for approval to the 4-H Council Executive Board by the first Monday of every month. Turn in paperwork to the Glenn County UCCE Office.
  2. Wait for notification of acceptance from the 4-H Council Executive Board.
  3. Begin Emerald Star Project.
  4. Submit Final Report to the UCCE Office no later than Monday, May 31, 2023.
  5. Submit Oral Report to the 4-H Council at any scheduled meeting, but no later than the June council meeting.

      The application, both plans, and the guidelines for the final report are included with this letter. Please turn in each one in the order stated above to the UCCE Office. If a plan is not accepted, a member of the 4-H Council Executive Board will contact you with ideas to improve it.


      For team projects, each member must submit an Application, Preliminary Plan, and Plan of Work outlining his/her contributions to the project. They should not be identical applications. Outline specific responsibilities to be done by each member.

Final Report

Emerald Star Patch

The Final Report may be submitted in any form as long as it contains the following:

  1. Documentation of your completed project, including successes and obstacles, resources used, and any other items that document your project.
  2. A statement of completion from a 4-H leader acquainted with your project.
  3. Newspaper clippings, photographs, etc. (optional)

The final report may be written or in a power point form, etc. Most forms of documentation can be used (be creative), but if the project is not documented clearly, you may have to redo it. 

If you have questions, please call the Glenn County UCCE Office at (530) 865-1107.


2022-2023 Glenn County 4-H Emerald Star Project Application & Guidelines

(word) 2022-2023 Glenn County 4-H Emerald Star Project Application & Guidelines

Applications are to be turned in to the Cooperative Extension Office. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please read all the instructions carefully. You can also mail the application to Glenn County Cooperative Extension, P.O. Box 697, Orland, CA 95963.