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B.A Home Economics

ABA Judging Day

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Plaza Elementary School, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

7322 County Road 24, Orland, CA 95963


Anything but Animals (ABA) Judging Day is an educational event in which members judge different classes of projects (Scrapbooking, nutrition, baking, crafts, leather crafting, etc.), identify tools necessary for projects, and give oral reasons as to how they placed the class.

Members will judge a variety of 4-H ABA topics within their age division. Judging is a process to help 4-H members grow in their abilities to think, reason, and make logical and scientific judgments. The member would then present their reasons to an evaluator.


Information Page

Glenn County 4-H ABA Judging Information Sheet 2023-2024

Primary Members participating in the ABA Judging Event will receive a participation certificate and ribbon. Ribbons for 1st-15th place Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions, and certificates will be presented for 1st-3rd place Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions will be awarded. There will also be a “Top 15 Judging Overall Award” with a combination of the Livestock Field Day Event top scores and the ABA Judging Event top scores, to be awarded at the annual Glenn County 4-H Star Awards and Leaders’ Appreciation Event. The club with the highest combined score of the top five members will be presented the Team Award at the Annual Star Awards.

ABA Judging Day Training Materials

Glenn County 4-H ABA Judging 101 Manual

Oral Reasons Evaluation Rubric